What Can Cause Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can be a painful condition for those that have the disorder? So what is the condition, where does it come from, and what can cause tennis elbow? The following information explains just what the condition is and the information you need to know regarding the causes. Knowing the causes can help in preventing the disorder and knowing the symptoms can help to better prepare you to know what is occurring in your body if the pain arises.

Cause Tennis Elbow explained

The medical terminologies for the condition known as tennis elbow are Epitrochlear bursitis and lateral epicondylitis. Tennis elbow is related to the arms and the tendons that attach muscle to bone near the elbows. It is a common condition that affects between one and three of every one-hundred individuals. Its commonality however does not make the pain of having the condition any less.



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The symptoms of tennis elbow include a level of soreness or discomfort on the lateral side of the arm. Mainly, this pain is usually confined to the region of the arm located on the upper portion of the body. The pain can often increase over time. What is a mild pain at first can grow into a more extreme pain in the future. In fact, in some cases, the pain can be so severe that it causes stiffness in the body and a lack of mobility in the arm. The pain is often ignored at first but can grow quickly so individuals should be aware that a minor pain now could be the symptom of future problems.


what really does cause tennis elbow is the tears in the tendons that attach the muscles in the arm to the bone. Repetitive movement of the arm and elbow can cause the tears to occur more rapidly. The name of the condition in fact is related to a repetitive, and the once thought to be originating reasons to cause tennis elbow, of playing tennis with a racquet.

Tennis players saw the disorder more commonly in their participants and this was partially based on the methodical and repetitive nature of racquet handling. Those that used the backhand stroke excessively, doctors found, had the greatest likelihood of gaining the condition. Tennis, however, is just one venue that can help to cause tennis elbow.

There are other activities and behaviors that can lead to the disorder as well. One activity that can cause tennis elbow is carpentry and contracting work. This is because the turning of a screw or nailing of an object creates the same repetitive action that can break or tear the fibers of the tendons. In essence, then, any activity that requires constant repetitive motion near the upper arm or the elbow of the body.

What to Do

if you suspect that you do work that can cause tennis elbow more readily or that you are beginning to develop the symptoms of the disorder, the best thing to do is contact your healthcare provider. They will walk you through what to do to eliminate what may cause tennis elbow by resting your body or can help treat a case of the disorder by giving you medication that releases the inflammation of the area and in some extreme cases in which tennis elbow has occurred surgery may be required. Always talk to your healthcare provider and be assured that you are taking the appropriate steps to alleviate your pain and find the best treatment.

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