What are knee braces

It is imperative for every individual to have healthy knees as one of the basic functions of knees is to support us in our day to day activities by handling the pressure of walking, bending, flexing and jumping. A knee pain leaves a person frustrated and in agony due to the constant stinging pain.

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Who it affects

For sportsmen, knee injuries can be a career killer as these get them out of the game and affect their performance adversely even when they manage to come back to the field. This is because knees play a major role in allowing a player to perform without any hassle and keeping their focus on the game and not on the injury or the constant pain that arises from using the injured knee.

Many who suffer from this pain must know that knee brace is the ideal solution to curb the pain and handle the swelling that comes with it. Knee brace is a bandage like device that allows the injured to be comfortable. These knee braces are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes to cater to the demand of the diverse range of its users, from patients of osteoarthritis to school children injured during sports. They are also available for patients in plastic and metal forms to assist people who have a serious knee injury.

Knee injury occurs on the anterior ligament and also the patella. The brace is also useful if a person has dislocated the bones in their knees. People who are engaged in constant rigorous exercises have the most tendencies to get their bones dislocated. Most people will find themselves in this situation when they hear an audible “crack” sound from their knee.

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What type of knee braces are there

There are many types of knee braces and each type complements the different types of knee injury a person can get. These are explained individually in the following portion of the article.

The first type is the prophylactic knee brace. This is not a treatment device but in fact is used to help the knee stay protected from further injury and harm. For players or people who have just healed from a knee injury and need to be cautious, this knee brace is perfect so they can avoid aggravating their injury furthermore.

Then there are the rehabilitative knee braces. As the name suggests this brace assists in the recovering process where a person lets their knees get support and help from the braces. Knees, after the first trauma become weak and cause pain when they are used for walking and other activities. This brace being longer and more elastic makes its use easy in the long run as your knee recovers.

Lastly, there are the transitional knee braces which are used for the intermediate period in which a person takes off the rehabilitative knee brace for rigorous movement such as sports.


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