Toe Joint Pain – What Could be Causing the Pain

Are you having pain in your toe joints?
Does it hurt whenever you walk?
Could it be that the shoes you are wearing are too tight?


Before you throw away a good pair of shoes the toe joint pain might be caused by something else. Are you having a lot of pain in your toes and you want to do something about it? Here is some information on the pain you are feeling in your toe joints and what could be causing it.
Different kinds of pain
Sometimes different kinds of pain mean things that can be mild to pretty serious and even life threatening. Is the pain like pins and needles or is the pain feel like your toes are throbbing? If there is a lot of bad pain with redness, swelling and your toe feels hot to the touch this could be a serious condition that you might need to take a trip to the emergency room. These are symptoms of an infection or maybe even an arty disease that could threaten your life.

Common causes

Perhaps it was your shoes after all, but shoes are not the only causes of toe joint pain. You can have arthritis in your toes just like you can in your fingers and hands. Arthritis is when your joints are swollen. There is arthritis that can cause your immune system to attack the joints in your body and sometimes arthritis can cause your joints to deteriorate as you get older. Bunions are when the big toe is deformed and starts to curve toward the other toes, and this too can also cause toe joint pain.


You can have a foot injury that is causing your feet to hurt and you might not even know you have an injury. People can have broken toes or stress fractures without even realizing it. A dislocated toe or a sprained toe can also cause your toe joint pain.



Another common cause of toe joint pain is fungal infections, skin infections, bone infections, and joint infections. The bacteria levels are high with any of these infections, and they can really make the toe joints swell and become so painful a person might have difficulty walking around. The medication the doctor will prescribe can ease the pain as soon as it begins to kill off the infection.

Neurological causes

Pain in your toe joints may be caused by certain neurological conditions that affect both your joints and nerves. One of these neurological conditions can be Morton’s neuroma, which is a condition that causes the nerves in the feet to swell, and make every step you take cause you a lot of pain.
No one wants to live with chronic pain, especially when it’s in your feet. Some pain can be mild, like from tight shoes, or it can be severe enough to really make walking painful. No matter how much toe joint paint you have the first thing you need to do is making an appointment to go see your doctor

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