Meniscus Tear Treatment

A meniscus tear can be extremely painful for those who have suffered from the problem. There is however help. Meniscus tear treatment can be applied to make the pain and suffering lessen. From surgery to non-surgical therapies, individuals should talk to their healthcare providers about what type of treatment is best for them. The following provides some things you may wish to consider as you choose your meniscus tear treatment.

Doctors Advice

Your doctor will consider several things in choosing the appropriate course of meniscus tear treatment for you. First they will look at your overall health and what type of treatment your body can handle. Furthermore, they will want to know your age and how extreme the pain is. For the most extreme cases, they may choose surgery. For others with complicated medical conditions they may not. It is up to the doctor and you should ask any questions you have concerning the course they prescribe for you.  The choosen treatment method, however, may depend on  location and degree of the injury. The following explains more on this topic.

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Outer Tears
Believe it or not although it can be painful one meniscus tear involves no course of action but rest and relaxation. Tears on the outer edges of the meniscus have a strong blood supply attached to them. As a result they often heal on their own. You may require a brace to give additional help in the repair process. The real key in this meniscus tear treatment, or lack thereof, is the reliance on the body’s own treatment methods. The blood supply is key and if the tear is within what is known as the “Red Zone” where the blood source can supply healing, then most likely your course of treatment will be much less involved.

Inner Tears
The reason that only some tears of the meniscus can heal on their own is because not all of the area is connected to a fervent and nourishing blood supply. The inner area of the meniscus, known as the “white zone” is lacking the large connection to blood that the red zone has. A meniscus tear treatment in this area of the body may require minor surgery. During this surgery, the torn portion of the meniscus will be removed. Then the remaining meniscus portions will be smoothed down, often through shaving to make the meniscus heal more quickly.

No Treatment At All
The location of a tear and the nature in which it spread through the meniscus can determine whether a meniscus tear treatment will be successful at all. Sometimes, the way the tear occurs and the location of it, makes any treatment difficult and unsuccessful. In these cases, individuals may have to suffer and live through less mobility options and more painful walking. This is especially true when the tear is radial and when it occurs inwards on the meniscus. The outer areas are much more likely to be reparable after damage than the inner regions. Make sure that you seek immediate help if you feel you have done damage to the area because the sooner you go get a consultation the greater the chance of repairing successfully some damage.

The most important part of any meniscus tear treatment is consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider. Make sure that you contact them early after an injury so a plan catered to your needs can be made. It is up to you and your doctor to decide what path you choose from there.

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