Knee Popping Can Be Painful

Knee popping is a condition when your knee cap is not aligned properly with the joint. Many people do not know why knee popping happens, but the explanation is simple – located at the front of the thigh there is a muscle group which has four main muscles. The knee popping appears because two of those muscles are pulling against each over the knee cap and causing it to be misaligned. One of the main causes is the two muscles called vastus lateralis and vastus medialis. The location of the two muscles are on either side of your knee cap located on the outside-front part of your thigh is the vastus lateralis which is located on the inside-front part of the thigh is the vastus medialis. When you move your knee you might feel knee popping, snapping, clicking, etc. This is because the knee cap is being pulled too far by the vastus lateralis to the outside or too far inside by the vastus medialis

How to fix knee popping

Knee popping can be painful


After learning what knee popping is, and why the knee pops, the next question is how to fix it. Well many people are afraid that this condition is permanent. The good news is that you can repair your knee and start to see benefits in around one or two weeks. Fixing the knee is easy and it can really make your knee healthier and stronger for the future. To do this you need to exercise and improve the vastus medialis so that your knee cap is not pulled to the side and maintains its proper position. One way of doing this is to sit on the ground with your legs straight in front of you turn your legs so your toes are pointing upwards as you look at them now rotate your feet in quarter movements for side to side. If you do not know how to do that you could ask your doctor or you could search for some videos on YouTube. While doing the exercise look at the top of your thigh the muscles should move around and you should feel some stronger contractions. This is a good exercise which can help you fix your knee and you should repeat this exercise for around a week to build and strengthen.

Strengthen hamstrings to prevent knee problems

The second way to fix your knee is to carryout hamstrings exercises to strengthen. If you sit for excessive periods during the day without much movement your hamstrings can be weak, by carrying out exercises they can be strengthened. If you have stronger hamstrings this can reduce and even stop knee popping as your femurs will not be rotated as far out.

There are some other useful exercises which can help your knee and make it healthier and stronger. General exercise has many benefits including strengthen knee muscles Speak to a gym trainer they will show you some useful exercises for knee popping. If you are suffering from severe pain from your knee you should contact you doctor.

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