Finger Joint Pain

Having pain in your hand can be difficult. We use our hands for everything. From writing to social interactions, we are constantly utilizing these appendages in order to communicate with one another. For that reason, pain in the hand and especially in the finger can be very excruciating. This is especially true when it comes to finger joint pain.

So what causes pain in the finger joint and what are the problems associated with it? The following information explains more about this annoying disorder and clarifies just what might be causing them. This is important information to understand because finger joint pain could be a warning sign from your body. It could mean that something more intense is occurring. It is important, then, to make sure that you have all of the information you can in understanding what the causes and other symptoms of this condition are. It also allows you to build your own solution to this annoying problem.

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There are several ways that pain in the finger joint can manifest itself. Among these are included a burning sensation in the fingers. This pain can be extremely annoying and can radiate out as if the skin felt like it was burning or on fire. Finger joint pain can also manifest itself as a tingling sensation as if the hand had fallen asleep.

It can feel like pins and needles pushing into the hand and into the skin. The pain can also be a more traditional pain or throbbing. These pains can be annoying and they can be tough to tolerate. They can also be caused by serious conditions that need to be better understood in order to alleviate.

One cause of finger joint pain is paresthesias. Paresthesias is a disease or disorder that is caused by pressure on the nerves in the hand. Specifically, this pressure is the result of a pinching, or concern with the spinal cord that radiates this pain out toward the hands and fingers. This causation is usually permanent and can be greatly annoying to those who have the condition.

Another cause of finger joint pain are conditions and diseases that result from other sources. This pain can come as the result of infection or inflammation as well. Trauma can also cause hand pain as well. If you hyperextend or push your finger backward, the joint can be damaged and suffer from pain. This trauma can leave or it can cause permanent damage and permanent finger joint pain as well.

The cause of finger joint pain can also be the result of constant or repetitive movements. You will see those who type consistently or have a job in which they use their fingers in the same motion over and over again have this type of pain as well. Also, an infection of the fingers can result in finger joint pain that continues. Diseases such as diabetes also make for a problem in the joints or fingers of the hand.


Of course pain in the joint is an understood sign that something might be wrong. However, there are other signs that something can be wrong with your hand. Pain is one symptom but so are swelling and redness in the hand. This can occur and signal a problem with or without the swelling.

Also, you may notice that your hands have a lack of mobility. They may not be able to bend or move in the way an individual is used to utilizing. For this reason, anyone who has limited mobility, finger joint pain, or any others of these conditions or symptoms should seek medical attention and help immediately.

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