back pain what are the causes

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Back pain can have many different causes. It can be caused by simply correctable factors such as sleeping on an uncomfortable bed, or leaving the back area uncovered during a cold night, to more simple anatomical issues such as fallen arches or flat feet, to the more costly, and serious medical conditions such as spinal stenosis, in which the narrowing of the spinal column causes pressure on the spinal chord, or lifting injuries such as spinal disc herniation. As a result, when dealing with chronic back pain, it is absolutely necessary to seek a physical consult for in case of a medical condition your pain will only get worse with time if it’s gone untreated. You can, however, try the following treatments to relieve back pain if you have just started to feel the pain.

Hot and cold treatments are one of the most common treatments for back pain. These kind of treatments, usually best work on pain that is caused because of unusual stress on the back such as a car accident, working out, or extensive low stress pressure on the back as a result of standing on your feet for a long period of time, or carrying extra weight as a result of obesity or pregnancy. The hot and cold treatments are available in forms of jell, ice packs, special back braces or heating pads. You can easily purchase these items from most drug stores, or online, without a prescription and, as far as the price goes, you have the flexibility of choosing the treatment that best suits your budget.


Medication, is perhaps a second option. Pain medications should not be taken for extensive periods of time, so if your pain does not stop, you owe it to yourself to go to a doctor. General pain medications are what you can use to reduce or relieve your back pain. If your pain is caused by working out when your body isn’t used to the exercise or other similar reasons, you can use an
over-the-counter pain medication in combination with hot and cold treatments or massage treatments.

Massages and chiropractic practices, will work on some back pain, especially when it is caused by stress, or regular pressures of one’s daily routine. You can find many different massage parlor and chiropractors by visiting your yellow pages or going online, and choose an option that both appeals to your taste as well as your pocket. When dealing with chronic pain, however, you should refrain from massage or chiropractic treatments, for in some cases you can make the condition worse. Saunas, water treatments, and other practices that are designed to lower the stress on the back can also be used in combination with massages or physical therapy and chiropractics as a way to relieve back pain.

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Back pain conditions, whatever the cause, are easier to deal with when the cause is known. And as always, prevention is the best medicine! Small changes can make huge difference. Wearing back support during pregnancy or an injury can keep you from feeling pain. Remember pain is a warning to you and your brain that something isn’t quite right with your body. If you stand on your feet all day, using shop absorbing mats, and wearing shoes with arch support and a thicker, spongier sole can help. Exercising can also help prevent the pain, or relieve the pain but if you are already dealing with chronic back pain, you’ll have to consult your physician before choosing back exercises to help you choose one that best suits your affliction.

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