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What is Arthralgias?

Arthralgias is pain in your joints which is caused mainly as a side effect of medications and some chemo cancer treatments. Several of the medications are cladribine,bleomycin, L-asparaginase, paclitaxel, etc. Also, there are several other causes of Arthralgias or joint pain, such as, viral arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and excessive intake of vitamin A, hemarthrosis, septic arthritis, drug-induced arthritis, physical trauma and other.


Arthralgias sideffect to chemo therapy
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Some symptoms which follow joint pain can be dry mouth, light sensitivity, rashes, etc. which can show you if you have Arthralgias or not. If you have an infection you might have chills and fever, you may feel depressed if you have constant pain, you may feel weak or be tired, you may have some pain in your muscles, you may have swelling and redness of the painful joints, and many other symptoms. Many people search for some advices which can help them to minimize this joint pain. The best way to help yourself is to document your pain. You should write down everything you feel. Here are some questions as guidance on what to write. You must know when the pain started and what you were doing when you felt it. After that you should say what the pain feel like, where is the pain and can you point your finger on your pain or not? You could answer these and many other questions at the moment when you have the pain or when the pain ends.


Dealing with Arthralgias pain
All patients who suffer from joint pain should have their own healthcare provider. The healthcare provider can help you with your joint pain and it is very important to follow all recommendations from your healthcare provider. During the pain you might not be breathing correctly and taking deep breaths, so your healthcare provider can teach you how to control your breathing during the joint pain. Doctor often recommends if you suffer from joint pain you must have some physical therapy. Physical therapy is really important because it will help promote bone remodelling and strengthening. Here are some examples, you could swim, walk, have some gentle aerobic exercises which will help you lose some weight and minimize your joint pain, or do some other activity that is approved by your healthcare provider. If you determine where your pain is and if it is in the muscles, you may try with warm compresses and this may help stop or minimize your joint pain. Sometimes people try to minimize or stop their joint pain with antibiotics, anticonvulsants, narcotics, corticosteroids, etc. Arthralgias is a really painful joint pain and many people in the world suffer from this type of joint pain. It is best to seek advice from your healthcare provider they can tell you if you are suffering from Arthralgias or not.