A Brief Description of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis may also be referred to or known as RA. It is a chronic condition that affects many individuals throughout the world. So what is rheumatoid arthritis and how does it affect the body?

The following information explains and outlines what you need to know about this condition, and how it may affect your body. Use this as your foundation of understanding what is occurring and how it may impact your life.


What Is Arthritis?

It is a disease that causes systemic inflammation of the body. Specifically this inflammation works its way into impacting the tissues of the body and the organs that compose it. It is most known for its impact on the joints of the body. The inflammation process actually occurs in the capsule or covering that surrounds the joints themselves.

These encapsulations create flexibility and without them the body does not function very well. The joints however are not the only place that this condition can impact. Rheumatoid arthritis is said to impact the membranes of the lugs and the heart. It can impact the eye layer known as the sclera and other tissues. For that reason it should not be thought that it can only present in the joints of the body.

The Causes of the disease

The causes of the disease are not definitively known much of it is not understood and not truly known. However there are some causal factors that are said to influence the chronic nature and impact of this disease. One of the greatest factors in predicting the health condition is autoimmune deficiencies.

When an individual suffers from an autoimmune disease, they are more likely to have the affects of this disease seen in their body. For this reason anyone with an immune compromising disease or disorder should be tested and be aware that this disease can be present in the body.

Who Can Suffer?

Rheumatoid arthritis is not unique to one specific group of individuals. It cuts across age levels and gender lines. however women are more likely than men to suffer from the disorder. The most common age group that is impacted by this health condition is  people in their forties and fifties. Women are in the majority of those gaining the disorder however making it important for them to get checked and diagnosed.


There are several ways that rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed. These include but are not limited to a physical exam that tests for the disease.  X-Rays can be used to help diagnose the condition as well. There is other testing that may be needed to be carried out as well. This can include lab work as well as blood work that needs to be done outside of a physical doctor’s office and in a clinic or hospital. Those who wish to have themselves checked for the disease need to talk to their doctor about what they need to go through in order to get the appropriate testing completed.
Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis vary, there are several different approaches that can occur in treatment. There are homeopathic methods including supplements and herbal remedies that are meant to alleviate pain. There are medicinal and more traditional methods such as pills and the like. Massaging has been said to help combat the pain and other methods as well.

The options are versatile and varied for those looking for assistance in pain relief and management. A discussion with a doctor should cover all of your options in order that you can make the best decision for you and your future. You and your doctor can come to a tailored plan in order to combat your rheumatoid arthritis and get it under control.

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